Featured “Photo of the Day” Montage:
Winter Weather Photos Special – 7 Photos All on One Page

Here it is! I had been featuring fine photos of featured photo presentation of winter weather photos, so here is a montage of the whole event, all on one page! Over the course of the special, I have featured:

  1. 1982 Blizzard in Yankee Woods
  2. Yankee Woods – Winter 1984
  3. Yankee Woods II – Winter 1984
  4. Saganashkee Slough Photo 1
  5. Saganashkee Slough Photo 2
  6. 107th Street near Saganashkee Slough
  7. Ridgeland Near Cal-Sag Channel + The Vintage Brownie Camera

Later this spring, I will continuing to honor the brighter side of life, resuming with a Part 5 featuring the great world of architecture–date To Be Announced! More themes to follow, including a Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary special with giveaway–to be announced very soon, and you are going to like it! Meanwhile, I wrap up the whole “Winter Weather” series by featuring this bonus photo montage of all the posts, all on one post!

Winter Weather Photo Special

I would like to thank you for joining me for the whole series of “Winter Weather Photo Special”– Photos featuring the fine and scenic view of winter weather, without having to live the reality of the cold! The great scenic beauty of winter weather. This was quite an end to winter, and I fully enjoyed bringing this to you. Through this segment, I featured winter weather, at the same time I demonstrated some artistic value of restoring, re-creating and just some darkroom accidental art. End of winter all the way until spring! Due to popular demand, there will be a future architecture series coming very soon, in order to continue to bring back to the nice spirit of celebrating great and fine architecture! Another theme due to start very soon, including Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary with a giveaway. Continuing throughout the year are “Flower of the Day” – bright and beautiful segment featuring flowers every few days like last year start in in April and going into the fall season, seasonal photo shoots throughout the major holiday seasons, Part 5 of the “Architecture Series” near summer, photo shoots of great “Inside and Out Architecture” to follow later on, and “Fall Color” photos near the fall season. More will be revealed very soon! Thank you very much for following my segment of winter weather, and for your loyal following. I bring all these segments to brighten your day, with hope to continue to make the year of 2022 shine real bright, and to continue to give finesse to a great year!

Winter Special 2022_Montage.jpg


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11 thoughts on “Featured Photos Montage: Winter Weather Photo Special

  1. I especially like Yankee Woods. I imagine sitting there taking in all of the sights and quietness. Overall, there is just something about winter photos that I enjoy. The dark tranquility, maybe. The peaceful serenity of being surrounded by snow, and the stillness that encompasses that.

  2. These are such beautiful pictures of Winter! I love snow and honestly cold weather; it is just so cozy! Thank you so much for sharing this Winter montage.

  3. LOL, I never though I’d be saying “Thanks for the snow pictures” (I hate winter), but it’s 90 degrees here right now and I’m HOT. Those beautiful pix help to cool me off!

  4. I think the first couple of fresh snow on the ground, trees, etc are beautiful. That’s as far as I go with winter! In November, I finally moved to somewhere warm with NO more cold 🥶 and lots of sun ☀️

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