Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Today is the 56th Super Bowl! Grab your favorite meal, get together with family and friends and watch the game! Super Bowl LVI starts at 5:30 p.m. CST: Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals. . .

Happy Super Bowl Sunday ! !

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A Brief History:
Origination: It all started January 15, 1967.

Celebrated: Every year, including last year despite some distancing, percentage and masking restrictions because of COVID-19! There is one set of  league championships where the locations play among the leagues, then a league conference championship game to determine the teams that will go on the the Super Bowl.

Celebrated: Every year, the date of the Super Bowl is determined from the date of the preceding Labor Day date, so if Labor Day last September occurred on September 6, 2021; the Super Bowl is scheduled exactly five months plus one week later on the day February 13, 2022. Originally it was exactly the same date, but this past season, the NFL added a game to its regular season this year, pushing everything back a week, which will permanently add one week later than what was usual. The 2021 NFL season is the first year for the league’s 18-week, 17-game season. This was the first change since 1978 whereby the number of games was changed, where the NFL moved from a 14 game season to a 16 game season.

Why is it called “Super Bowl”: The Kansas City Chiefs owner and the AFL conference founder Lamar Hunt had a daughter who, when she was young played with a very bouncy rubber ball which was called a “Super Ball”. That was the genesis of the term “Super Bowl”.

A Few Facts:
Statistics of the Super Bowl to Present. . .

Super Bowl I to LVI:

Super Bowl Winner Results
I 01/15/1967 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (CA)
Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10
II 01/14/1968 Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) Green Bay 33, Oakland14
III 01/12/1969 Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7
IV 01/11/1970 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, LA) Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7
V 01/17/1971 Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) Baltimore16, Dallas 13
VI 01/16/1972 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, LA) Dallas 24, Miami 3
VII 01/14/1973 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (CA) Miami14, Washington 7
VIII 01/13/1974 Rice Stadium (Houston, TX) Miami 24, Minnesota 7
IX 01/12/1975 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans, LA) Pittsburgh16, Minnesota6
X 01/18/1976 Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) Pittsburgh 21, Dallas17
XI 01/09/1977 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Oakland 32, Minnesota14
XII 01/15/1978 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) Dallas 27, Denver 10
XIII 01/21/1979 Orange Bowl (Miami, FL) Pittsburgh 35, Dallas31
XIV 01/20/1980 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles Rams19
XV 01/25/1981 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) Oakland 27, Philadelphia10
XVI 01/24/1982 Silverdome (Pontiac, MI) San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
XVII 01/30/1983 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Washington 27, MiamiⒶ 17
XVIII 01/22/1984 Tampa Stadium (Tampa, FL) Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington9
XIX 01/20/1985 Stanford Stadium (Stanford, CA) San Francisco38, Miami16
XX 01/26/1986 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) Chicago 46, New England10
XXI 01/25/1987 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) New York Giants39, Denver 20
XXII 01/31/1988 Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego, CA) Washington 42, Denver10
XXIII 01/22/1989 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami, FL) San Francisco20, Cincinnati 16
XXIV 01/28/1990 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) San Francisco 55, Denver 10
XXV 01/27/1991 Tampa Stadium (FL) New York Giants20, Buffalo 19
XXVI 01/26/1992 Metrodome (Minneapolis, MN) Washington 37, Buffalo24
XXVII 01/31/1993 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA) Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
XXVIII 01/30/1994 Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA) Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
XXIX 01/29/1995 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami, FL) San Francisco49, San Diego 26
XXX 01/28/1996 Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, AZ) Dallas 27, Pittsburgh17
XXXI 01/26/1997 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) Green Bay35, New England 21
XXXII 01/25/1998 Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA) Denver 31, Green Bay24
XXXIII 01/31/1999 Pro Player Stadium (Miami, FL) Denver 34, Atlanta19
XXXIV 01/30/2000 Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA) St. Louis23, Tennessee16
XXXV 01/28/2001 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7
XXXVI 02/03/2002 Superdome (New Orleans, LA) New England 20, St. Louis 17
XXXVII 01/26/2003 Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA) Tampa Bay 48, Oakland21
XXXVIII 02/01/2004 Reliant Stadium (Houston, TX) New England 32, Carolina 29
XXXIX 02/06/2005 Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, FL) New England 24, Philadelphia 21
XL 02/05/2006 Ford Field (Detroit, MI) Pittsburgh 21, Seattle10
XLI 02/04/2007 Dolphin Stadium (Miami, FL) Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
XLII 02/03/2008 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, AZ) New York Giants 17, New England 14
XLIII 02/01/2009 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) Pittsburgh 27, Arizona23
XLIV 02/07/2010 Sun Life Stadium (Miami, FL) New Orleans31, Indianapolis 17
XLV 02/06/2011 Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, TX) Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25
XLVI 02/05/2012 Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN) New York Giants21, New England 17
XLVII 02/03/2013 Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans, LA) Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31
XLVIII 02/02/2014 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ) Seattle43, Denver 8
XLIX 02/01/2015 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, AZ) New England 28, Seattle24
50 02/07/2016 Levi’s Stadium (Santa Clara, CA) Denver 24, Carolina10
LI 02/05/2017 NRG Stadium (Houston, TX) New England 34, Atlanta28
LII 02/04/2018 U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN)
Philadelphia41, New England 33
LIII 02/03/2019 Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta, GA) New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 3
LIV 02/02/2020 Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, FL) Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20
LV 02/07/2021 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL) Tampa Bay 31, Kansas City 9
LVI 02/13/2022 SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, CA) Los Angeles Rams
National | Ⓐ American

Pre-Game Festivities: This year Multi-Grammy-nominated country artist Mickey Guyton (Grammy nomination-Best Country Album of the Year debut album “Remember Her Name.”) will sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. Jhené Aiko will sing America the Beautiful. On behalf of the National Association of the Deaf,NAD), actress Sandra Mae Frank will perform the National Anthem and America the Beautiful in American Sign Language.

Half Time: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, and Kendrick Lamar will all perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Half Time “Super Ad”: Price is up to $6.5 million for the 30-second commercial spot. The price tag makes the  Super Bowl LVI the most expensive game to advertise on up to date, up $1 million more than last year’s $5.5 million commercial.

Restrictions: Masks will be required this year for protection from COVID-19.

The Present:
Here it comes! 5:30 p.m. today is yet another great Super Bowl! The home team designation in a season NFL game, but at the Super Bowl, which is played at a neutral site venue decided years in advance, the honor of being the home team flips between the AFC and NFC each year.

The Future:
Here is to wishing a long future for new generations of players, and wishing great luck for the skills of the players in all the years to come. . .

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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