Happy Cut The Cord Day!!!

Today is Cut The Cord Day! It is the day to honor the end of an era. There other options other than the standard cable, and with the prices skyrocketing, there is always room for reevaluation. . .

Happy Cut The Cord Day !

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A Brief History:
Origination: About six years after U.S. Television via the antenna went digital on June 12, 2009, people squandered instead of keeping up buying those ugly boxes, to look for other avenues to get the television signal through to viewing. Also, the whole reason we went digital was to free up more airwaves to fit in WiFi all over America on those same frequencies that were previously used for analog television (plus some other frequencies). By 2015, the first campaigns went on to bring out the “Cut the Cord” in an effort to break free from the expensive cable bills. By 2020, a network called Sling-TV started a really true campaign to completely bring a solid offer to entice viewers nationwide to cutting that cord. The cutting the cord streaming movement has rapidly grown over the last five years, without showing a signs of slowing, despite some repricing structures of internet service providers. As the digital world goes with supplying way more competition, it also provides more choices, flexibility, including great reliability for we have been looking for all along. With that said, it is absolutely no surprise that industry analysts keep coming up with large estimate of the continuation of cutting the cord on the traditional cable TV subscription into the future.

The Present Movement:  As the devices available for streaming have continued growth, more and more people are cutting the cord from the cable company. People began to see a bill at about half the price of cable and could customize a channel lineup for the same or better than what they had been used to in the past.

Controlling Costs is Very Important to Ensure Savings: You don’t have to be a coupon cutter to be a cord cutter. No one likes to pay more than they have to to get the same amount of service. Because the movement was so abrupt, the cable companies that offered internet services decided to really up the costs after the COVID-19 crisis hit, and people had the time off to start being able to control costs more.

ISP’s Really Spike Prices: Way earlier than the current inflation hit, cable TV knew they were in trouble, even with service’s monthly costs going up an average of 3.9% per year over the period from February 1996 to December 2020. That means that people seeing the bill go to way before the early 1990’s in one shot. Now with the prices and governmental taxes going so high, it is still effective, but losing only a little steam. The movement could continue some major growth into the future.

Even More Channels: You were able to see that in addition to most channels, there were more choices of some different programming channels by cutting the cord. The drawback. . .Some channels were not available by cutting the cord.

Celebrated: Since February 9, 2020 it is celebrated annually!

A Few Facts:
I am sharing a few facts, and more, some trivia, some not trivial. . .

Even More Resources: There is a vast array of choices for your streaming effort, but not as much when it comes to selecting your internet service provider. Some research may be involved when implementing your plan, but well worth it in the end.

The Present: The day to reevaluate all your cable, television, internet, etc. . .is out there now, for you to take advantage of the change, and not give up that much in terms of programming. 

The Future: It is expected that the current trend will only have way more room for growth now and into the future.

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National Cut The Cord Day

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