National Missing Persons Day is observed on February 3rd every year to create awareness about the hundreds of unsolved missing person cases across the U.S.

This is a subject that is not something that we can easily prepare ourselves for, because we truly never know who, when or how a loved one could go missing. When any person goes missing, everyone no matter what age is just as vulnerable. It could be an adult or infant. Statistics show that women are more likely to vanish than men, and seniors are also at just as high risk. Other environments such as health risks, natural disasters, unforeseeable situations, being held against will, are just a few events that dominate the reason. We are much more fortunate to have tools such as the world-wide web, texting, social media, networking and video surveillance–unlike the tedious and laborious processes of past! New tools have greatly eased the numerous ways to render our help to the families suffering such a loss. Nonetheless, this happens, and when it does, the families and friends are devastated. The amount varies from state to state, and sometimes has to do with populations, with a U.S. state average being 304 cases per year. Here are the top ten states in which missing persons reports are up in the years 2021 to 2022 are:

California 2,133
Florida 1,252
Texas 1,246
Arizona 915
Washington 643
New York 606
Michigan 556
Oregon 432
Pennsylvania 401
Tennessee 361
Ohio 358
North Carolina 327
Illinois 317
Missouri 316
Alaska 309
New Jersey 299
Colorado 292
Louisiana 266
Oklahoma 252
Georgia 250
Kentucky 248
Virginia 239
Alabama 204
Arkansas 200
Connecticut 197
Nevada 192
South Carolina 184
Maryland 183
Minnesota 179
Indiana 174
Wisconsin 149
New Mexico 143
Massachusetts 126
West Virginia 120
Mississippi 115
Maine 108
Utah 107
Hawaii 107
Idaho 101
Iowa 86
Kansas 81
Montana 71
Nebraska 61
Delaware 58
Vermont 54
Wyoming 45
New Hampshire 35
North Dakota 31
South Dakota 23
Rhode Island 20

Resources for Missing Persons:

National Database for Missing Persons:

National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NameUs

The “Most Wanted” List for Kidnapping & Missing Persons, FBI List:

Kidnappings & Missing Persons — FBI

The Official Website of The Department of Justice Missing Persons Unit:

Report and Identify Missing Persons: Department of Justice

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My prayers to anyone who has every been affected in any way, shape or manner.

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Simon Simberg at Pexels

National Missing Person Day

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