Today’s Featured Flower Photo of the Day: Magnolia Tree’s Flowers

Here is today’s featured photo presentation of flowers. We have made it to the final photo this year in my “Flower of the Day”. Today’s Flower of the day, I am featuring the brilliant Magnolia Tree’s Flowers, to close out the season. Wowser! A montage of the whole set of great flower photos, when “Flower of the Day” started in early September, is going to follow–so join me! I invite you to join me again next spring for more flower photos, which is slated to go all the months of spring, summer and early fall.

Magnolia Tree's Flowers.jpgPhoto taken with a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 110 camera using the factory lens, filter=NOT POSSIBLE, Factory Aperture=f11 lens, and Factory 1/60 shutter speed, loaded with Kodakcolor C-110-20 negative print film using Kodak C-41 process and the standard 3-1/2×4-1/4″ C-110 size color prints, all processing by Fotomat. (Vintage)

Another fine photograph to follow tomorrow: Feature – Flower of the Day!

Flowerof the Day.png


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3 thoughts on “Featured Photo: Flower of the Day – Magnolia Tree’s Flowers

  1. Love Magnolia trees In TN they top a lot of there trees not will sure why. But my aunt had to topped Magnolia trees in her front yard. they were beautiful and so low that you could just reach and pull a flower to you

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