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BCRF__Another Year & More.jpgI am glad to have been able once again this year to participate in Breast Cancer Research Foundation–$100 or Amount Donated PayPal Giveaway/Fall Gift Guide. We did this in last year’s drive, so it is a pleasure to do it again! The giveaways I do all for you. my followers! This donation is always very special to me because my family misses my very special cousin Lisa C. for years now. The loss is always devastating, and I pledged that before the giveaway, that was dedicated once again In her name, and to a very responsible foundation that is dedicated to researching an end to breast cancer. After looking at their Form 990, I recommend this foundation very highly, because so much more money was actually going to cause as compared to a lot of other options of charity to combat breast cancer. The Foundation also makes an honest synopsis of their explanation of how they hold an “A” rating from CharityWatch on their page at: https://www.bcrf.org/financials. Therefore, my minimum pledge of $100.00, and because my winner Francine A. did not donate, I am naming The Breast Cancer Research Foundation the winner as well with my donation of $100.00.

Mind you, these days are filled with fears and not knowing where we are going because of ongoing financial arrears due to the economy and COVID-19, but the foundation really cannot suffer a loss because of the times. So, I have another favor to ask of each and every one of my followers. I was wondering if you could spare even $5 or $10 to go to the fund. So, my pledge to the foundation today is to assist in awareness that the foundation could use assistance all year round. If you can donate ANY amount to the great cause of researching the end to breast cancer. They could really use assistance, and I am showing you how easy it is to make a donation.

Here you see photos of me being a real winner and donating my pledge. So please do so today, and let them know I sent you! The Foundation thanks you…and I thank you with my blessings!


Please Donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

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