A treat for persons to our north from Chicago. The path is from Canada through Greenland and over the polar area in the Arctic Ocean into Russia for the sunset. The annular eclipse will never be in totality, so it is unsafe to view the eclipse, even at sunrise for too long. Direct viewing is never recommended, as too much infrared and ultraviolet rays still show through, although a tempting glimpse is really a temptation that should be left to the cameras. Happy viewing!

UPDATE: The original #LIVE video was privatized.
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LIVE:Annular Solar Eclipse 6/10/21-“Ring of Fire” on Livestream/YouTube  @Data Visualized
Therefore, I am sharing NASA’s video:
Courtesy of @NASA Video on YouTube

Using sunglasses, welding glasses are not rated for viewing. Care for your eyes. Resist the temptation for direct viewing of any annular or partial eclipse!

“Sunrise-Sunset” Annular Solar Eclipse-6/10/21
TOTAL DURATION 3 minutes and 51 seconds
Global Event: Annular Solar Eclipse
Local Type: Partial Solar Eclipse, in Chicago
Begins: Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 5:15 am
Maximum: Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 5:18 am 0.352 Magnitude
Ends: Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 5:39 am
Duration: 24 minutes

Information courtesy of timeanddate.com

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Solar Eclipses: 2021 – 2030

of Greatest Eclipse
Region of Eclipse Visibility
(Link to Global
(Link to
(Link to Google
(Link to Saros)   (Link to Path
2021 Jun 10 10:43:06 Annular 147 0.943 03m51s n N. America,
Europe, Asia
[Annular: n Canada, Greenland, Russia]
2021 Dec 04 07:34:38 Total 152 1.037 01m54s Antarctica, S.
Africa, s Atlantic
[Total: Antarctica]
2022 Apr 30 20:42:36 Partial 119 0.640 se Pacific, s S.
2022 Oct 25 11:01:19 Partial 124 0.862 Europe, ne Africa,
Mid East, w Asia
2023 Apr 20 04:17:55 Hybrid 129 1.013 01m16s se Asia, E. Indies,
Australia, Philippines. N.Z.
[Hybrid: Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea]
2023 Oct 14 18:00:40 Annular 134 0.952 05m17s N. America, C.
America, S. America
[Annular: w US, C. America, Colombia, Brazil]
2024 Apr 08 18:18:29 Total 139 1.057 04m28s N. America, C.
[Total: Mexico, c US, e Canada]
2024 Oct 02 18:46:13 Annular 144 0.933 07m25s Pacific, s S.
[Annular: s Chile, s Argentina]
2025 Mar 29 10:48:36 Partial 149 0.938 nw Africa, Europe, n
2025 Sep 21 19:43:04 Partial 154 0.855 s Pacific, N.Z.,
2026 Feb 17 12:13:05 Annular 121 0.963 02m20s s Argentina &
Chile, s Africa, Antarctica
[Annular: Antarctica]
2026 Aug 12 17:47:05 Total 126 1.039 02m18s n N. America, w
Africa, Europe
[Total: Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain]
2027 Feb 06 16:00:47 Annular 131 0.928 07m51s S. America,
Antarctica, w & s Africa
[Annular: Chile, Argentina, Atlantic]
2027 Aug 02 10:07:49 Total 136 1.079 06m23s Africa, Europe, Mid
East, w & s Asia
[Total:Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt,
Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia]
2028 Jan 26 15:08:58 Annular 141 0.921 10m27s e N. America, C.
& S. America, w Europe, nw Africa
[Annular: Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Suriname, Spain,
2028 Jul 22 02:56:39 Total 146 1.056 05m10s SE Asia, E. Indies,
Australia, N.Z.
[Total: Australia, N. Z.]
2029 Jan 14 17:13:47 Partial 151 0.871 N. America, C.
2029 Jun 12 04:06:13 Partial 118 0.458 Arctic, Scandanavia,
Alaska, n Asia, n Canada
2029 Jul 11 15:37:18 Partial 156 0.230 s Chile, s Argentina
2029 Dec 05 15:03:57 Partial 123 0.891 s Argentina, s
Chile, Antarctica
2030 Jun 01 06:29:13 Annular 128 0.944 05m21s Europe, n Africa,
Mid East, Asia, Arctic, Alaska
[Annular: Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey,
Russia, n. China, Japan]
2030 Nov 25 06:51:37 Total 133 1.047 03m44s s Africa, s Indian
Oc., E. Indies, Australia, Antarctica
[Total: Botswana, S. Africa, Australia]

Information courtesy of eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov

More information on future solar and lunar eclipses can be found at timeanddate.com.

Specific information on the 6/10/21 “sunrise” Eclipse from TimeandDate.com


And more information on future eclipses, please visit NASA at:nasa-header-logo.gif


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  2. Darnit! I missed another amazing view! This looks so cool!! Thanks for sharing! I hope some of you was able to see it!

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