This is relevant to my Chicago Media market followers.

I have total respect for the news announcer personalities, but I though one item was of news interest to some followers in the Chicago Radio Market. I noticed that Ramblin’ Ray Stevens can be found doing the 11 am to 2 pm shift at WLS-AM 890 (Chicago). He originally did the same in December on WLS, when he was filling in with radio personality Wendy Snyder (from the Bill & Wendy Show). Ray and Wendy were filling in for the Matthew Erich “Mancow” Muller morning show (who had shows all the way back in the 1990s like the Mancow’s Morning Madhouse originally on The Rock 103.5 FM Station) who resigned the third week of November 2020. I have already loved Ramblin’ Ray for years now–being a 1990’s country buff (in the 90’s I worked as a waiter at Lone Star Steakhouse (officially closed in 2019), as I then line danced at the tables–and listened to US-99 FM (Chicago). Ray was doing fill-in shifts then and even got his own show, while listening in those days. He more recently worked on Big Chicago Country 95.5 FM (a former iHeart Media Chicago radio station). I have found admiration for Ray and hope he does well in his new position. You can enjoy the program this morning at 11 am on WLS.

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3 thoughts on “Chicago Radio: Ramblin’ Ray Stevens Now On WLS-AM 890

  1. Ray, I really enjoy your show. You seem to be a great person with a good sense of humor. Why don’t you take over the morning show? I would much rather hear you instead of Bruce( No offense intended). My name is Ricardo….

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