For my April Fool, I offer no joke! Just the origins of it. . .

It’s April Fool’s Day:
It is time to celebrate that joking day. . .April Fool’s Day! A very festive week once again this year, starting with today with both Passover and April Fool’s Day on the same day, then tomorrow with Good Friday, then Sunday with Easter. Now today with April Fool’s Day trivia!

A Brief History:
French Origin: April Fool’s Day dates back to 1582 from the French date of switching to the Julian Calendar..
Egyptian Origin: Hilaria, or a Latin rendition for joyful, inked the April Fools’ holiday within ancient Rome to the end of March by followers from the cult of Cybele, involving people dressing up in disguises inspired by Egyptian legends Isis, Osiris and Seth in the 15th and 16th centuries in B.C (Bce).
British Origin: April Fools’ Day spread in Great Britain circa the 18th century. The tradition became a two-day event in Scotland, starting with a “hunting the gowk. Pranks and phony errands such as gowk, which is another word for cuckoo bird” which symbolized “fool”. Times followed by conversion to a one day affair which involved pranks played on people’s backs and derrieres with the pinning of fake tails or “kick me” signs on them.

Past Decades Pranks: Newer pranks include some radio stations changing format for the day only on various years, Taco Bell buying the Liberty Bell in 1996, and Nixon stating he was running for President in 1992.
Newest Pranks: Green Giant Cauliflower Peeps and Chosen Foods’ concept of GuacPaste, a guacamole toothpaste–both happened this year.
Plan on Staying for Next Year’s Pranks: Every year entails new and profound pranks and hoaxes. Plan on a better year, because I believe this year was aimed on the lame side due to recovery of COVID-19. Happy April and that is no joke. See you next year!!

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Happy April Fool’s Day !

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