It’s St. Patrick’s Day:
It is time to kiss the Blarney Stone! A very festive week, starting with Pi  π Day, and on Friday the Ides of March, and now  today with Saint Patrick’s Day!

A Brief History:
Meaning in Irish: “Lá Fhéile Pádraig”.
Meaning in English: “The Day of the Festival of Patrick”.
Cultural Celebration: It is a cultural and also a religious celebration held on 17th March.
Saint Patrick: The death of Saint Patrick was AD 385–461, was the foremost patron saint in Ireland.

The Blarney Stone: A carboniferous limestone block built for withstanding battle of embankment of Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland.
The Blarney Stone in Irish: “Cloch na Blarnan”
The Blarney Stone Legend: Kissing the stone grants the gift of the flattery and gab.

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Nothing better than a nice dressed up house for St. Patrick’s Day! An up and coming trend of decoration. . .Next year, I plan on a photo celebration of decked out decorators!

20210308_1225038117202383987416278.jpgHave a very safe and lovely visit with your local Blarney Stone. . .Have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!20210308_1224538008547378784893664-1.jpg

Celebrate the holiday safely !

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