With a season like 2020, I was surprised that we did not have a December storm! Now with about seven weeks before we start watching for 2021 storms, I will recap the season. Also, courtesy of NASA Scientific Visualization Studio, is a compilation video of all the storms on once tape! Enjoy!!

Video courtesy of @NASA Scientific Visualization Studio on YouTube


The purpose and mission of the NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) is to work closely with scientists in order to create visualizations of NASA data to promote greater understanding of how Earth, space and science research can be used for the betterment of all collegiate sister departments, and the public at large. Credit to the whole NASA team and its collaborators and coordinators.


Facebook post with ALL 2020 names used:
December 1, 2020


La Niña was a real strong cause of such the active record breaking hurricane season this year, with names up to letter “I” in the Greek alphabet., despite some attempts to report otherwise, and only report #RealNews. The Atlantic season has broke every record in the books, considering it started off so quietly and with dust plumes in June and July. Check out the Wikipedia caption: Atlantic hurricane season. More to follow with the onset of  “ENSO-neutral” cycle that started mid-winter, and currently making it through at least the beginning of spring.

Breaking: A policy change may be imminent, as the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center has in the past been relaying reports starting May 1st, so changing the future of the season starting earlier makes sense. I will keep you informed about a future change looming of starting May 1st each year.

Coming in spring. . .Hurricane reports & safety tips…ALL for you!!!

Keeping an eye on the weather!

UPDATE 4/3/22: Broken links were updated and information that was relevant to the links were updated. No information changed.


2020 Hurricane Season on Video

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  1. I used to think hurricanes were so cool! Especially since I seen one in person! I didn’t know at the time that hurricanes are killers and dangerous to our land. Your maps, charts, and videos are awesome and helpful! Thank you for this learning opportunity!

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