Featured photos of the day: Architecture – Churches

Here it is! For the month of January and February, I have been featuring in these winter months, fine photos of great architecture. Starting out with Part 1 is the beauty of churches, in order to symbolize faith and hope, and to brighten up these days—to look at the brighter side of life. So here to wrap Part 1 up, I feature a bonus photo montage of all the posts, all on one post!

Church Photos

The Featured Architecture Series– Part 2 will continue following a hiatus in order to feature a photo event to start tomorrow. The photo event is a collection of NASA mission patches to coincide with the Mars landing. The original posting was on a Facebook Party that keeps getting reformatted, so that you are not able to fully enjoy it.

See You Tomorrow!

Architecture – Churches_Part 1.jpg


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3 thoughts on “Featured Photo Montage: Architecture, Part 1 – Churches

  1. Such wonderful photos! I always like photos of churches in B&W more than in color. I’m not sure why….maybe because the architecture stands out more, rather being “overshadowed” by the distraction of color.

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