I am pleased to furnish information on access for all to a computer, so that everyone has access to a computer. Please feel free to copy, share and get this message to those who need it the most. The PCs For People  is a program granted through the administration of state programs for persons who qualify to be enrolled in a program to receive a fully refurbished computer, so that all can have access to a computer.These days with home-schooling, work at home, personal safety and other reasons–a family cannot be caught in a place where you can simply “not” have one, so this is great news for all.

The following states:


Illinois                                                                             Ohio

The following four U.S. Cities:









       St. Paul, MN                                                                 Denver, CO








Baltimore, MD                                                                Kansas City, MO

If you are a corporation or business looking to upgrade your computer system(s), you can assert your friendliness and donate your original computer systems after wiping the drives, by visiting the Recycle Your E-Waste: Corporate Recycling page and the proceeds may be a very important tax deduction.

These programs go through each state’s Departments of Commerce. The information was shared courtesy of the State of Illinois: Department of Commerce’s “Connect Illinois Computer Equity Network” and PCsForPeople.org:



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