To a Happy New Year! BE SAFE!! Wishing a safe holiday to all.

Remember to be safe and always be sure to have a designated driver.

DUI equals burned money

Make sure if you are going to have a cocktail, that you are very careful. There are always a lot of incontestable road safety checks over the holiday and it doesn’t take too much to be in trouble. The average first DUI over $10,000 these days, not to mention the safety factor, it really isn’t worth it to chance it. If you have already had a DUI and continue out over the holiday and get caught:

  • The costs of the fines alone cost $25,000
  • Towing and/or impound
  • A defense attorney
  • Probation or parole
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Possible necessary SR-22
  • In-patient or out-patient counseling
  • Alcohol and drug assessment

Your freedom and privilege to drive is on the line. It certainly is just not worth and the chance to injure and/or kill yourself, or another person. It is just not worth it. Also, make sure to pay special attention to any new marijuana laws, as it isn’t worth getting in trouble because of ignorance of knowledge of any new laws, as it is NOT legal in any state to smoke while driving around in the car. The best gift of all is to make it through the holidays and any day without trouble.

Happy New Year !

One thought on “Welcome in 2021 – Remember Safety First on Your New Year’s Eve

  1. Yes, encourage everyone to be safe on New Years. It is a cursed holiday to me. Year after year of bad Mew Years has led me to no longer leave my house on New Year’s Eve.

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