I would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone 18 and older to exercise their most important right of all, the right to vote. Tomorrow is the general presidential election, and this one is one of the most important events in the history of our country. Our forefathers designed this country to have all of our citizen’s Bill of Rights available to all from thence to the great future of this country.

People who know me personally, know that I am one of the nicest, most ongoing individuals around, although I know some that even go more…but I try. I bring out the best in someone’s day. Day by day I work around an ongoing  disability, care for my 85 year old father, run a carpet cleaning, upholster, cleaning and maintenance company, and when I run my company I have very competitive prices…so low in fact, I have my competition wondering why I go so low. I do it because I am looking out for neighbor and company, and always try my best to make ends meet. I run this blog you are reading…trying to get photography, reviews, and other material out to my followers, and have giveaways and promotions…ALL for you! I do all this to return my greatness to the world.

Today was just another brick in the wall of proofs when Amazon refused to post my reviews on 1984 by George Orwell and a current book by Judge Jeanine Pirro. It’s nothing new to me as other media companies are already censoring me, of all people. Can you imagine! When I see the country going down the path of dismay being bullied by media companies, read about all the looting and violence, I have to just say–What ever happened to unity? We were on our way getting over the Vietnam War when I was growing up and in the 80’s, I was so proud to be an American, I participated in a across the country called “Hands Across America”. It got us as Americans as close to each other as I have ever seen. We as Americans get together every year to celebrate a fireworks gathering on every 4th of July in order to celebrate the heritage of the freedom for which that flag stands. The freedom can go on, but will and cannot exist with threatening Marxist movements and threats to the Constitution/Bill of Rights…in order to replace them with a 110 page manifesto where not one time does the document refer to us as the people, and spells out a story where everything in the document already is being done at state levels.

We have the power to get close again (after COVID-19 – completely). All we have to do is vote! Let freedom ring!! Don’t be shy and don’t be bullied by agendas. Don’t worry about social media comments. I would hate to lose all the freedom that our forefathers granted to us for a new agenda that is too new to trust. Vote for the one who will keep the country going and keep America strong!

V O T E ! ! !

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  1. Sorry I missed this post a month ago. But I did vote. It was by mail several weekks before. The 1st time I voted for the president was 32 years ago.

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