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La Niña is officially declared as the cause of such an active hurricane season this year, with names running out soon. Right now, there are four major tropical areas: Tropical Storm Paulette, Tropical Depression Rene, Tropical Storm Sally, and tropical disturbance number twenty.  With two unnumbered disturbances, the Atlantic is one under the theoretical maximum saturation of disturbances possible as per Dr. Gnanadesikan, if they all were to turn into hurricanes at the same time. Nonetheless, this is a very active season, considering it started off quietly and with dust plumes in June and July. An insight to more technical information as provided by – Tropical Weather Systems.

Current tropical activity report directly from the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center:

.The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Storm Paulette ( and Tropical Depression Rene (, both located over the central Atlantic Ocean, on Tropical Storm Sally, centered over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico (, and on newly formed Tropical Depression Twenty, located over the eastern Tropical Atlantic (

Elsewhere over the Atlantic basin on this Saturday night, a surface trough over the north-central Gulf of Mexico is producing limited shower activity. While some slow development of this system is possible, strong upper-level winds related to Tropical Storm Sally will probably limit the chances of tropical cyclone formation. The disturbance is forecast to move westward and then southwestward over the northern and western Gulf of Mexico through the next few days. It has a low (20 percent) chance of formation during the next five days.

Also, showers and thunderstorms are located near and west of the Cabo Verde Islands, associated with a broad area of low pressure. Environmental conditions support some additional development, and a tropical depression could form over the far eastern tropical Atlantic during the next two or three days while the system moves slowly west-northwestward. By mid-week, upper-level winds should become less conducive for development. It has a medium (60 percent) chance of formation during the next five days.

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Tune into the following list of emergency Bermuda: Bermuda Radio (call-sign ZBR) is a weather radio station in Bermuda working under the Government of Bermuda. Bermuda has only one station dedicated purely for weather, on 162.55 MHz from Hamilton, now operated by the Bermuda Weather Service with tropical weather forecasts from NOAA.

Start preparing for conditions up to and including formation of a storm by Monday night to Wednesday morning. Stay tuned for more storm watch information. Make no other plans except to board up and evacuate as of now. The storm could subside, but you cannot plan on it. Be ready to board up, if the warning is called. Have an escape plan. All residents along the Gulf Coast should have a hurricane plan in action or visit Please adhere to safety measures and stay out of the way of danger! Current Facebook posts from the NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center:

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