Imagine if you wanted a house on the state line of your state and they went to build it and the used 2×2 inch studs spaced 20 inches apart and right across the street they used the industry standard’s specification of building the correct way at 2×4 inch studs spaced 16 inches apart. This is what is happening, right now, with the way that this whole COVID-19 disaster is being handled. A lot of U.S. legislators right now have really let the whole U.S. population down big time, in many ways. They cannot even do anything but waste countless hours in in several impasses whereby egos and downright hiss-fits and other immature behavior have become a norm and expected. Then, because they cannot get along an do the jobs that they are getting paid handsomely for doing (enough to have a cooler stuffed with enough ice-cream you could feed an army). Then they turn around and blame people who have nothing at all to do with the situation, i.e. state governments and the President. It is the job of the U.S. legislature to pass laws of U.S. standards and codes for almost all industry. These standards, of which a model from Cornell University, guide all 50 state’s legislatures to be able to make sure that the laws are similar to some degree. The U.S. Legislature has not passed a standard that is uniform–throughout the land, so that the 50 state’s legislatures have that insight they need to be able to have a reference of any type and get a stable mold of aspects when it comes to having laws governing COVID-19. It is unacceptable that a standard of  “abyss” has become standard in this 24th decade in the history of the U.S. We have the situation where in my state of Illinois for example, where it is okay to have people go to the store and be together buying food in one place wearing masks and doing our best to stay six feet apart with maximums of building population varying by the city. Then it is okay to have one standard for doing to the store and another for going to church or for having a family gathering. All meanwhile it is okay to have demonstrators in the streets all caught on camera whereby they are NOT following the guideline of wearing masks and staying six feet apart.

The standard is needed by the cities to be able to come up with a uniform figure. You cannot blame cities for coming up with a new figure every-time there is a new situation. You cannot blame a store. You cannot blame even blame the states because they just don’t know what to do. Don’t blame the courts, because they are going to be busy for the next several years because of this exact problem. And don’t even blame the Executive Branch. With the H.R. 6201 bill, it states the following:

Making emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending 
      September 30, 2020, and for other purposes. <>

So this being said, “other purposes” include making provisions that a standard is developed to guide state and local government to be able to handle the COVID-19 disaster accordingly. The dollars were already allocated for these types of purposes, so there is no excuse–except that the branches are both letting the people of the United States down when it comes to responsibility.

I urge everyone to get in touch with both branches of Congress and find out just why they are not doing the jobs that they are being paid to do. A list of finding your U.S. House Of Representatives is at:, and the U.S. Senate at: It is way past the time that they start doing all of the job that they put their hands on that bible an took an oath to do…

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A Call for Uniform Standards and Specifications with COVID-19

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