A needed break to heal and get better…Like Arnold Schwarzenegger says…I’ll be back!

A lot of people are probably wondering where I have been, but I was stricken with sickness. I am getting better, so I hope by next week, I will be getting back to posting a little more normally. What I do see a lot while being sick is…

  • Added stress while out anywhere
  • People who are not even sick are hording items on shelves**
  • Stores ARE gouging!!*
* = If you are a store owner, manager or other person involved with pricing OVER retail value of an item, and knowingly do so, you are personally and professionally liable for gouging which in good times is prosecuted by the proper authorities. In times of disaster though, the charges can be aggravated and are handled by the Office of the Attorney General, who has authority to prosecute any business that engages in price gouging after a disaster has been declared by a governor or the president. In this electronic age, the store owner may not find out for several months or even years, up to the statute of limitations that their violations didn’t go unnoticed. These crimes are misdemeanors unless the values go over the “grand” amount, making them punishable as a felony. So, if you are a store owner, and take advantage of people, especially senior citizens and handicapped persons, and you get caught much later, you will be punished according to law. So is it worth it? Do NOT do the crime–make sure you know your MSRV on ALL products you sell, or find out before you put that price on the shelf. Also never, ever price them higher than that set value, because even before get caught, you can keep looking over your back at when you may get popped with a criminal or even civil lawsuit that can end up landing you as a manager into the slammer.

** = We are not going anywhere, and have to live with each other like neighbors. If you were sick would you like it to be impossible to get supplies based on no availability? We need to make sure that the sick have all supplies including toilet paper, available at all times. Toilet paper does nothing to help assist in making living with COVID-19 or any other virus better or less envincible. We all simply need it, and available. The sick cannot get up and wait in lines at inopportune, early times of day, so simply cannot ever have it available.

I, Jerry run a family oriented business involved with carpet cleaning and janitor work, whereby I offer continually low, discounted pricing, especially for handicapped persons and seniors. I price SO low, that my competition balks at my pricing. I know the competition needs to make money, but my best friend is the consumer, and I work to keep those prices as low as possible. I have been referred to as pricing so low that it has the competition scrambling saying I am pricing like it is the 90’s. I go out of my way on the other hand to stretch a dollar as far as possible. So, I personally balk on ANY store owner who knowingly overprices items and takes advantage of anyone, especially seniors and handicapped individuals. I go out of my way to look out for these situations, and up and coming, I am considering posting a list of those businesses who wish to try to take advantage of the consumer.

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