Today’s featured photo of the day! Obscure Darkroom Magic

Here is today’s featured photo. I am featuring an extra special event of featuring a reflection of my favorite part of being in the darkroom…making art out of a regular photo! Here is a set of photos of a great tourist attraction for years in the Downtown Chicago area, Meigs Field decades before it was closed, as this plane takes off from the runway, and a photo in mid-air! On this sunny summer day, you can see the action even at the high shutter speed as the plane is going well over a hundred miles per hour. Date – 1981.

Mid-Air Plane__Meigs Field Chicago__Art

A work of art, not only with reverse vignette because the background was already near white, but colored in with burn toning in both cyan and violet colorization selections with selenium toners.

Mid-Air Plane__Meigs Field Chicago__Raw

This is the original shot with no embellishments.

Photo taken with a Nikon EM-through a Vivitar 70-150 zoom lens with a 2x tele-extender attached and then zoomed in at 200 mm (lens = 100mm x 2), filter=yellow # 12, Aperture=5.6 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/1000th second (drop of 2 f/stops compensation for the use of the 2x tele-extender), loaded with Kodak Plus-X Black & White 135 Negative Film ISO (ASA) 125 (very fine grain) processed with D-76 Processing Chemicals, and a fiber paper print using the Kodak Professional “warm-tone” enlargement paper developed with Kodak Dektol chemicals onto a 3½x5″ matte-gloss print.

FACT:  Dodging and burning are used to lighten or darken a part of the photograph to get better details in highlights and shadows. Toning changes the color of the photograph. Black and white photographs can be changed to sepia, red, orange and even blue. Toning can be used to help make the photograph last long. Cropping is used to decide what is left out in the final print. In this instance an isolated two process burn was used to add the separate colors that were not part of the original shading in the photo, which makes this an art.

See you tomorrow with another fine darkroom magic photograph!!
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