Today’s featured photo of the day! Obscure Darkroom Magic

Here is today’s featured photo. I am featuring an extra special event of featuring a reflection of my favorite part of being in the darkroom…making art out of a regular photo! Here is a set of photos of a tree limb, first colorized and second in black and white. How real the color turned out! Date – 1981.

Colorized with a selenium toner with a green spectrum selection.

This is the original shot with no embellishments.

Photo taken with a Nikon EM-through a Nikon 50 mm lens, filter=NONE, Aperture=8 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/125th second, loaded with Kodak Plus-X Black & White 135 Negative Film ISO (ASA) 125 (very fine grain) processed with D-76 Processing Chemicals, and a fiber paper print using the Kodak Professional “warm-tone” enlargement paper developed with Kodak Dektol chemicals onto a 3½x5″ matte-gloss print.

FACT:  A “Pan” film is short or abbreviated for “Panchromatic” which is the original term for a “grey scale” film with a vast array of grey tones leading all the way up and down the grey scale from white to black. It is an opposite term of “Monochromatic” which is a true black and white image, similar to a facsimile or fax machine image. Monochrome had another meaning in the computer and gaming industry: original monochrome monitors for old world computers were not black and white but the whites were green to black, similar to the game “Pong”, the original computer/TV game that started gaming out and worked into the arcades

See you tomorrow with another fine darkroom magic photograph!!
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