Today’s featured photo of the day! October’s feature is: Fall Color/Landscapes

Here is today’s featured photo. For the month of October I am featuring fall color and landscapes photography as the style. For today, I am posting a photo of a colorful trees at a Woodridge park near Westminster Drive & Charring Cross Roads in Woodridge Illinois on a autumn day. Date – October 2011.

Nature-Places Shots__trees-woodridge-il-park-near-westminster-dr--charing-cross-rd_6240409739_o

Photo taken with a Sanyo SCP Mirro 3810 flip-phone camera through a factory lens, filter=Not Possible, Aperture=Unpublished=Factory, shutter-speed Unpublished=Factory. You can note the very low quality of the pixels. I was shocked how low the specs actually were, and Flickr made it even worse.

FACT:  Digital photography through use of phones all the way from the very late 90s to earlier this decade was phenomenally super low quality, and people were spending hundreds of dollars on all sorts of phones including Nextel phones and the photos were trash. The cellular phone companies were paying for better quality telephones, walkie-talkie services and the like– and not delivering on anything at all. Web based posting services such as Flickr which was called Yahoo Photos at the time did not take photography seriously. Photos through phones finally got way better through the Razr phone and the BlackBerry phones. The phones today are almost as good as digital cameras were back then, very high quality, and Nikon cameras these days have mega-super resolution, higher than Hollywood had ten years ago.

This month flew by! Tomorrow, for Halloween, I will feature a shot from this year using my new Samsung A20 digital camera. See you tomorrow with yet one more fine fall color and/or landscape photograph!!
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