YES! Your very voice is wanted via recording by a scammer!

It starts out with a call from a person identifying themselves as a Hearing Administrator on a recorded line, asking if you can hear them okay. Sometimes they ramble on…other times they even hang up. It is hard to find out where these lunatics are going, and they they look like they are scamming you out of time wasting your time by the intrusion of their very call. But in the end of the REAL scam, they really are looking to voice fingerprint you or use a recording of you, so that they can manipulate it to do further scamming in the future. Your only defense…DON’T SPEAK!! Especially  do not say the word “Yes”, as identified by a USA Today article, or your may be on the hook for goods and services you never ordered in the future, and a place of business will be able to produce a tape of your authorizing such and the tape sometimes has held up in court. The business invoilved usually isn’t the scammer. A scammer comes along and gets you to foot the bill…One of the oldest flim-flam tactics in the book. So make sure you exercise your best defense…HANG UP immediately. I could go onto identify names and numbers of persons, but they are robocalls, and you will never hear the name of the individuals running this scheme! Prank phone calls are not in the days of swearing at you and/or “pranking”, they are downright trying to fraud us out of our hard-earned money!! This is yet another reason Congress and Senate need to further action to make the phone companies protect our rights to privacy. A list of finding your U.S. House Of Representatives is at:, and the U.S. Senate at: I strongly urge each and every person to contact their Congress Representative and both Senators and urge them that you favor the “Pallone’s (NJ) bill” H.R.946, Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and “Thune’s (SD) bill” S.151, TRACED Act passed and put into law. I strongly urge each and every constituent to get involved with getting our right to some peace and quiet back, and also the right to have our phones available in case of an emergency. This situation goes on the rack of infrastructure defects, just like the wall between Mexico, because it is a dangerous situation.


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