Today’s featured photo of the day! October’s feature is: Fall Color/Landscapes

For the month of October I am featuring fall color and landscapes photography as the style. For today, I am posting a shot of a set of small trees in Yankee Woods in the Cook County forest preserves in Illinois. I like it, despite the low quality produced from the small 13 mm × 17 mm negative frame’s imaging size, as compared to the 24mm x 36mm negative frame imaging size of 35mm film. Date – October 1979.

Photos taken with a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 110 camera using the factory lens, filter=NOT POSSIBLE, Factory Aperture=f11 lens, and Factory 1/60 shutter speed, loaded with Kodakcolor C-110-20 negative print film using Kodak C-41 process and the standard 3-1/2×4-1/4″ C-110 size color prints, all processing by Fotomat.

FACT:  110 size film was NOT the smallest film in those times. Minox cameras and film were micro sized, and was used for intelligence purposes widely and internationally. The quality of Minox film’s grain being only 8 x 11 mm was obviously even worse than 110 size film. The larger the negative size, typically, the higher the quality of the photo. 120 film was premium to 35 mm photography. Hasselblad still makes one of the greatest digital cameras on earth. Back in the day, some of the lenses for these cameras were so valuable, they needed to be insured by Lloyds of London because regular insurance would not cover a loss.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow with another fine fall color and/or landscape photograph!!
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