I am here to inform you of the latest and greatest scams concerning and and all Caller ID spoofing. Be very careful, because both me and at least two other persons I know are getting a very neatly dressed caller ID spoofing from a call coming in looking like it is ComEd and promising a 30% saving due to “customer appreciation week”. The very nicely talking spoofer sounds like a representative, but by continuing to talk with the person, she started requesting personal information and then wanted a credit card to secure my personal “space” in the program. I continue to warn you to be very careful when ANYONE calls you no matter how good the call looks. I always give bogus information to these persons purposely to see how far they will go to divulge the whole tactics that they are directing at the public. On the ComEd website page the following information is advised:

What You Should Know

We will never call or come to your home or business to:

  • Sell you electricity
  • Ask for immediate payment with a prepaid cash card or cryptocurrency such as bitcoin
  • Ask for your account number or other personal information such as Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  • Ask to see your energy bill

All utilities, governmental agencies; and for the most part, all commerce and legit businesses will NEVER call you and request you to open your wallet for numbers and/or personal information. Honest persons and/or businesses don’t go around looking for your information. Be VERY weary if you ever, every receive a phone call and do NOT think for one minute that caller ID is a guarantee of who is calling you!!

If you believe you have been scammed, and you don’t know who to call, the LIST: Who’s My Attorney General? has a neat and very useful directory state-by-state of who you will need to get in touch with after you have been scammed. The best way to put these individuals out of business, is to keep you personal information just that…Personal! Never divulge you personal info OR passwords to anyone who requests it, especially if you didn’t make the call!

ComEd Look-Alike! OUCH!!

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