I am sharing the recipe of a great flavored, award winning recipe that cannot go wrong!

3 Ingredients:

  1. Sweet Baby Ray’s Original recipe Rib Sauce
  2. Table Ground Black Pepper
  3. A lot of love


Get the coals ready for a good 20 minutes or until the are red but not white hot.


Put the raw slab of ribs on the grill and apply the Sweet Baby Ray’s Original recipe Rib Sauce with a bench scraper. I like more sauce to smooth over the slab, and a brush does not leave enough sauce in all the nooks. sprinkle an obvious amount of black pepper with a standard cooking shaker.


The sauce will turn lighter as the ribs are cooking. Flip them over and over again so once side does not overcook and the heat is more evenly distributed. put pepper on the back side the first flip.


With a thermometer, cook until the inside of the ribs are exactly 145° F. It usually takes somewhere about 20 minutes after the ribs start lightening. Make sure that you remove the ribs to the side of the grill before the ribs are not pliable. If your thermometer is more than 145° F you are done.


Serve up, and enjoy!



Ribs always go over good at any get-together. Two ingredients, one winner!

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I was very lucky and was able to win the grand prize at the V103 Chicago & WGCI 107.5 Radio Tito’s Handmade Vodka Grill Master Challenge competition for having the best tasting ribs by 3 judges at the South Shore Summer Fest at the South Shore Cultural Center featuring Robin Thicke on August 18, 2019 sponsored by iHeart Media – Chicago


12 thoughts on “Award Winning Ribs…How delicious!

  1. I haven’t made ribs in years and this recipe sound incredibly easy! I am definitely going to have to make it now, thank you so much for sharing! Sweet Baby Rays is my favorite BBQ sauce too.

  2. My husband loves his BBQ Ribs! He makes them almost totally like you do! He used to be a rubber of spices on them and let them just sit. Then he just started the Baby Ray BBQ sauce method and always had extra for the delicious dipping. WALAA
    Congratulations on your winnings!!

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