I am wishing everyone who has served the armed forces or those who know somebody, and also just because they deserve to attention and dedication in exchange for those years of dedication to protect the security of this free country. Remember ALL, on this Veterans Day, which was known as Armistice Day before World War II a moment of silence for prayer…


…A lot of times we lose our disposition in regular daily matters, but this country and the flag it stands behind, is still the most free land in the world. It is a nice day to celebrate the freedom we enjoy everyday with a tributary to that served. Where else in the world do we have that freedom to express our own opinions, and get away with having those thoughts, but in the U.S.A.–and that freedom is only possible through our amazing Veterans. Do not take this for granted and take your hats off today for the Veterans!!!

man holding bible

Bless our Veterans! Thank you for the grace you grant to every American!

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