Today’s featured photo of the day! The feature is: Architecture – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois – An  Aerial View

Here is today’s featured photo presentation of the North View From John Hancock Observatory in a view of the northern section of the Near North Side, Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan; also of Oak Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, and Montrose Beach–all in one bird’s eye view! To let the year REALLY shine, I am featuring fine photos of great architecture, so we can continue to honor the brighter side of life this year. Part 4 features the beauty of skies of Chicago, Illinois in an aerial view, which also includes this absolutely flabbergasting of the view to the north of such a great city. The displays of fun out on the beach shores and the distinguished architecture make this vintage shot really worthwhile in itself! The 26 mm lens really brings out the fact that the Earth really isn’t flat, as you can see from the curvature that the view near or over the Wisconsin state line, that the earth’s plane is markedly curved. This effect is more marked the higher up you go, if you have ever noticed while looking out the window of an airplane while up in flight. How truly beautiful being in the Observatory it is to be on such a great summer afternoon! It is moments like being high and mighty, that make the City of Chicago a very greatly enchanting city–among some of the most unique examples and great staples throughout the City of Chicago, making the city it’s very own, and a great place to take a stunning photo! Date – July 1981.
North View From John Hancock Observatory__Northern Near North Side, Lincoln Park & Lake Michigan-Oak Street Beach, North Avenue Beach, Montrose Beach .pngPhoto taken with a Nikon EM-through a Nikon 26 mm lens, filter=Polarizer, Aperture=16 f/stop, shutter-speed 1/60th second, loaded with Ilford FP-4 Black & White 135 Negative Film ISO (ASA) 125 (fine grain) processed with D-76 Processing Chemicals, and a fiber paper print using the Kodak Professional “warm-tone” enlargement paper developed with Kodak Dektol chemicals onto a 3½x5″ matte-gloss print. Date – July 1981.

Another fine aerial view photograph to follow very soon in the feature of Part 4 – The Skies of Chicago, Illinois. It is going to be quite a month, so join me ALL November and early December to bring back to the nice spirit of summertime! 


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  1. What an astounding photo of a city that’s on my bucket list! Chicago! And you’re right – you can really see the curvature of the earth here! Amazing!

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