A COVID-19 Alert:

In the name of our lives and freedom: Wear a mask or social distance!
All lives matter: our families, children, the elderly!
If you don’t wear a mask, don’t do the task!

There are several persons who think that personal agendas are more important than wearing a mask or social distancing in order to protect themselves and others. The level of COVID-19 is on the way DOWN! Chicago, Illinois regressed to a level 3 today. That means restaurants are closed and lines at the stores. Business are not allowed to open and there will be no more toilet paper at the stores. Do we want to go back to what we had in April? The only proven method of controlling the invisible enemy is masks social distancing. We have people dying! People I know and love. We are going to live in a police state and for our own protection, and will have no one to blame. These persons who are not following the rules and people following organizations designed to defy our personal freedoms are to blame. Not the president. Not the governors. Not the mayors. Stay home! Nothing is more important than wearing a mask and staying six feet apart. I am looking into the reasons that development of an ANSI standard for everyday practices and legal ways and means for the way that COVID-19 is being handled in everyday life is taking so long to establish. Please I beg you to appreciate life and use common sense. There will eventually be a vaccine. In the mean time–do NOT let the invisible enemy be the winner!

Wear a Mask, -or- Don’t Do the Task!!

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